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I could not have made it to the Mrs. America Pageant without the help of my incredible sponsors. I encourage you to check out their websites with the links below.

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Fitness Alliance:
David Adamson (founder and owner) is the leading expert in health and fitness training in Bellingham. David quickly helped me get into the best shape of my life.

He designed a customized work-out schedule for me that involved just 2 visits per week. I couldn't believe how fast the results came! The key was being shown what exercises to do and exactly how to do them for maximum results in minimum time. David also provided me with a sensible eating plan called Lean for Life that allowed me to build lean muscle mass, shed body fat and drop dress sizes (I went from a 6 to a 2) all without a starvation diet!


BellinghamSmiles logo

Dr. Jeffery Prager, D.D.S. gave me the incredible gift of a perfect smile! I never knew how gentle a visit to the dentist could be. Dr. Prager's office has the very latest technology and dental equipment available. I simply wouldn't trust my dental health to anyone else. Dr. Prager's staff makes you feel like you're part of their family on each and every visit. You'll never fear going to the dentist again once you experience the level of care you'll receive from Dr. Prager.


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Toolhouse Design:
Toolhouse Design is one of the most creative design firms in the Pacific Northwest (if not the entire West Coast). Leading companies like Intuit and Symantec look to Toolhouse for creative and powerful marketing solutions. Chance, principal of Toolhouse, designed for me the most unique and elegant page layout for the 2003 Mrs. America program book.


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Rich Bartholomew of Bartholomew Studios is a former opera singer who guarantees that anyone can learn to sing in just 7 lessons!

His method of voice training is fast, easy, scientific and doctor endorsed. Rich's passion is helping people find their voice so that they can praise God in worship and song.

You can learn more about his breakthrough method of traing by calling 1-877-500-7464


I am proud to be sponsored by the Multop Finacial Team. Phil & Melanie Multop specialize in financial planning and minimizing taxes. They also offer business valuation, bookkeeping and payroll services. Phil & Melanie converse with you and get to know your values. They tailor all financial solutions to the uniqueness of the people involved. Call them at: 360-671-7871

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The best source of professional haircare. Michelle is an artist and incredible hair stylist. She's taken care of my hair throughout my year as Mrs. Washington. Reach her at: 360-733-6951

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Postnet helped me ship 55 pounds of Fidalgo Bay Coffee to all the contestestants competing at the Mrs. America Pageant in Hawaii. Gift bags were also shipped to Governor Lingle of Hawaii and the President of Hilto Hotels. Postnet can be reached at: 360-676-7335

Kinkos logo

Thank you to Kinko's of Bellingham for sponsoring me with printing of cards and magnetic car signs.


A talented artist, Sofie is an expert in jewelry design. She designed the most incredible necklace and earrings for me to wear at the Mrs. America Pageant. She'll repair your jewelry and quickly have it looking like new again. Reach Sofie at: 360-647-5013

Diers logo

Printing of Letterhead and Envelopes
Five Generations of service in the Graphic Arts
198 Nickerson St. Seattle, Washington 98109-1630
Contact them at: (206) 284-4243 or Toll Free 888-881-9928


Offering the most advanced tanning solutions available today. Tahiti Me helped me prepare for the Mrs. America Pageant in Hawaii by giving me a nice base tan before being exposed to the intense sun of Hawaii. You can reach Tahiti Me at: 360-734-7200




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